Marine & Protective Painting

Powder coating can be applied to protect parts and fixtures on your boat, yacht, trawler, or other marine vessels. Coatings are applied to brasswork, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. They may be used to color railings or match parts. The clear coating can be used to preserve the shine of brasswork or copper fittings, without all of the extra polishing. Don’t wait to protect your investment with an effective solution.

We Powder Coat:

  • Rails
  • Towers
  • Radar Arches
  • Outdrives
  • Fishing Rod Holders

Protective painting specialist

The marine industry has specific requirements for protective coatings not only as part of a preventative maintenance program but also to improve efficiencies through ant-fouling.

Cargo vessels and bulk storage carriers play a vital role in global haulage and shipping. These important assets require protection against the hostile environment they survive in and the products which they carry.

Our Engineers have extensive experience in the application of marine and protective painting systems. Maintaining a smooth, clean hull by controlling the growth of organisms and minimizing drag is important in sustaining the operational efficiency of a vessel.

Protecting assets from extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, and hydrocarbon fire conditions, requires protective coatings that are designed to provide protection against both cryogenic spillage and hydrocarbon fire, giving you the ideal safeguard against potential damage to critical plant and equipment.