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Powder Coating in Sri Lanka

Sethukia engineering is one of the leading powder coating company in Sri Lanka. We have high-quality equipment used for powder coating, and we have the most experienced technicians in powder coating. Therefore, we can provide the highest quality powder coating service to the clients who come to our get service.

As one of the leading powder coating companies in Sri Lanka, We have a powder coating factory equipped with state-of-the-art automation machinery to quickly and easily finish all powder coatings. So all the powder coating work we get can be done quickly.

As the best powder coating service in Sri Lanka, We always work hard to keep our customers satisfied with our service. The highly skilled and dedicated staff to meet customer needs and requirements. We are now known as one of the best powder coating company in Sri Lanka with their effort.

Our main objective is to serve you with the highest quality coating service and make you extremely satisfied with the work we provide you.

We are providing our service to all major industries in Sri Lanka, Mainly the following industries

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • White goods manufacture
  • Switchgear panel board industry
  • Aluminum fabrications
  • General industries

Powder coating prices in Sri Lanka

Powder coating price depends on object sizes, object weight, colors, surface area, and powder resin used for coating. You can send your requirement to us and get the best price for your powder coating work.

Powder coating process

01) Pretreatment for Powder

The first step in the powder coating process is to prepare or pretreat the parts. The product to be coated is exposed to cleaning and pretreatment operations to ensure that surfaces to be coated are clean and free of grease, dust, oils, rust and other contaminants. Chemical pretreatment normally takes place in a series of spray chambers. Parts are first cleaned using an alkaline, acidic or neutral cleaner.

02) Powder Application

The most common way to apply powder coating materials uses a spray device with a powder delivery system and electrostatic spray gun. A spray booth with a powder recovery system is used to enclose the application process and collect any oversprayed powder.
Powder delivery systems consist of a powder storage container or feed hopper, and a pumping device that transports a mixture of powder and air into hoses or feed tubes. Some feed hoppers vibrate to help prevent clogging or clumping of powders prior to entry into the transport lines.

03) Other Powder Application Systems

In addition to spray application with electrostatic guns, powder coating materials can be applied by a dip method called fluidized bed. Fluidized-bed powder coating was developed by Edwin Gemmer for application of thermoplastic resins and patented in 1953.
In fluidized-bed coating, parts are preheated to 450–500°F and then dipped into a tank filled with powder material that has been “fluidized” by addition of compressed air through a porous membrane at the bottom of the tank. In some cases, the powder is electrostatically charged.

04) Curing of Powder Coated Parts

Thermoset powder materials require a certain amount of thermal energy applied for a certain time to produce the chemical reaction needed to cross-link the power into a film. The powder material will melt when exposed to heat, flow into a level film and then begin to chemically cross-link before ultimately reaching full cure. Various methods can be used to supply the energy needed for cure.
Convection ovens use a heat source (usually natural gas) and fan to distribute and circulate air through a duct inside the oven. The heated air will in turn heat the part and then the coating. Convection ovens are the most common type of cure oven used for powder. As the part reaches peak temperature it will conduct heat into the coating and cause the powder to cure.

05) Powder Spray Booths

Powder booths are designed to safely contain the powder overspray. Booth entrance and exit openings must be properly sized to allow clearance for the size range of parts being coated, and airflows through the booth must be sufficient to channel all overspray to the recovery system, but not so forceful that they disrupt powder deposition and retention on the part.
There are booths designed for limited production batch operations and larger booths designed for volume operations where parts are conveyed through on some type of hanger. Batch booths are used for coating individual parts or groups of parts that are hung on a single hanger, rack or cart. Conveyorized booths can provide a continuous coating of parts hung on an overhead conveyor line in medium- to high-production operations.

We are providing our service to all major industries in Sri Lanka

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • White goods manufacture
  • Switchgear panel board industry
  • Aluminum fabrications
  • General industries

Products & Services


Powder coating is an Environmentally friendly, durable, and highly protective coating systems.
We are providing quality assurance powder coating service for a wide range of steel products powder coating, and any kind of aluminum profiles powder coating in Sri Lanka


Marine and protective paint is highly corrosion resistance painting systems in world
Marine and protective coatings are applied to steel concreate and fiber glass substrates to provide corrosion resistance and fire protection and to secure metal structures, particularly from salt water and other environmental impacts


We are one of the leading providers of Sandblasting Services in Sri Lanka. These services are widely adopted for cleaning and smoothing the surfaces of various machines. We offer these services to leading factories and industries. Our offered services are highly acknowledged for clients’ needs and timely execution. We render these services in compliance with the set industrial standards and norms.

Powder coating systems

Sethukia engineering is high Quality, reliable powder coating designer in Sri Lanka we are doing fully automated powder coating systems, semi-automated powder coating systems, batch type powder coating systems, powder coating ovens (Direct heat and indirect heat), powder coating spray booth, high quality recovery systems (mono cyclone, malty cyclone, after filter recovery systems) powder spray guns, pretreatment systems (sprayer type or dipping type) conveyers

Pre treatment chemical systems

Pre-treatment is the process of chemical preparation of various types of metal and aluminum prior to the application of any kind of painting surface finishes, mainly powder coating appropriate surface pre-treatment is vital for ensuring long-lasting results. Pre-treatment is key to quality – as important to the performance of the finished powder coated product as the materials used in its construction, its design, and the conditions under which it is employed. 


Sethukia engineering is a professional engineering company involved in design fabrications, erection of steel structure building, warehouses, Malty story housing units and any kind of steel fabrications with complete civil works, and we are providing good quality products as follows.

Hospital equipment
Beds, trolley, cupboards, chairs, etc.

Tables, cupboards, chairs, beds, racks,

Switch gear panel boxes
Cable trays